Self Search

I googled myself and under images I clicked on a random lady’s photo and it was posted on a site called I followed the link and it is a search engine. I then search my name again (francesca hoecker) and there were a lot of links that showed up but there was one that caught my eye called It caught my attention because the photo attached to it was an old photo of my cousin and I and it also listed my gender, age, and the school that I attend. When I clicked on the link for badoo  I found that it is some sort of chat and flirt site that says that I will “chat and flirt” instantly. It is very concerning.



Rough Draft

The Hive: Neuromancer and the Real World

Without evolution, society as a whole would be nowhere. This is the case with the T-A family, while they created this huge city and life for themselves, more like lives though; they did not move much pass that. As the years went on, their family stayed in the same place, everything around them evolved and changed while they did not. Development became a risk to the family; the risk was that with change could come the loss of “power”. Perhaps not realizing that they had already lost most of their power, well still held very high by the people that lived in the city, they were nothing more than figure heads.

The concept of “The Hive” is and is not a concept that could be successful, while the T-A family had the notion of constantly recreating and giving life to a family member to uphold their values and visions the repetition that they were partaking in was not fully what was needed. It is possible to repeat something over and over, the family could have had constant members “ruling” and could have been prosperous as that. However, there was something that was overlooked and that was change. The idea of “The Hive” was to push an identical “product” out over and over. At the same product can be produced over and over as time passes but it cannot be identical. Meaning, if it does not change in some way, the surroundings will evolve and no longer see said product as relevant.

An example that could be compared to the T-A clan of lack of evolution is RadioShack. Both T-A and RadioShack made big moves in the beginning, T-A built an entire city and RadioShack used to be up to date on products. However, after those big moves on both of their parts there was not much change after that. Once, successful in their time, when technology started changing they did not keep up. Perhaps thinking that the services provided were essential needs for customers that would never change. In an article titled, “5 mistakes that doomed RadioShack” it speaks about their lack of keeping up with the computer revolution because it was not a “money maker”, not acting on the e-commerce market, these are just a couple of examples of its failure to evolve. Just as the way T-A family began to disintegrate as did RadioShack; both were confident in their ways and saw little reason to evolve in the ways of their surroundings. In the end, the company did not survive.

This lack of evolution that is depicted in the book can and cannot be applied to “real” life.  As stated, without evolution human beings would have probably died off a long time ago. Growth is needed for survival, just like this concept was not successful in the book Neuromancer, it is not successful in real life. To focus on a company that is in consent development, Apple; it shows it’s advancement every couple of years with a new phone and with something new about it. It is the same product, it is still a cell phone that has not changed but it is not fully identical to the one before.  These changes do not only have an impact on the evolution of the company Apple but it also has an impact on other technology companies that produce smartphones. If the competing companies did not keep up then, just like RadioShack they would not survive. A company needs to be in constant motion for survival. Just like the T-A clan should have been in constant motion to continue with the success they once were and to continue with their survival which was the entire basis for their family and the concept of “The Hive”.

Then concept of total non-evolution is not an option for survival and/or achievement. This is seen in the examples of the T-A family and of RadioShack. While a family, company, or ideology might grasp at the threads of survival, eventually society, it’s surroundings, and other factors will lead to the demise.

Pick up on South Street and Neuromancer

There were more similarities between these two than I first thought. When watching the movie I did not see a lot of common aspects. The only thing that I did notice was that Skip started out without many feelings towards others and only mainly caring for myself, the same is true for Case.  Both of their characters develop into something more has the story goes on. Being Nior, neither turn into a perfect version of a happy caring person but their characters did develop. When they start they are both only about themselves and the business and as time goes on they both develop a sort of “caring” for the female lead.

Edit: Because I did not have enough time to finish my post yesterday…

Another comparison that I drew between Case and Skip is that they are both hackers. Both are great and what they do, Case hacks into Cyberspace and Skip “hacks” into people’s belongings. Hacking is all about technique to begin with and on top of that having your own special technique. In the hacking world, you will not be taken seriously if you imitate any style as your own. In the movie, the distinction between styles in emphasized when Moe is asking the FBI agent the smallest details about how Skip took the wallet from Candy’s purse.



Agree with Neuromancer Quote

I agree with the third neuromance quote from Tuesday’s class because the book is based around pattern of topological displacement. The comparison of natural and artificial. Typically, of course it is usually the natural that is favored but in this book society and especially Case values the artificial. This is shown with all the “upgrades” people do to their bodies, voluntary or not. The book makes many comparisons on meat; Case has a very low opinion of meat and it is something that he does not want to be. He values the “non meat”, he values cyberspace. This opposite comparison of the two is still completely in line with the displacement.